ADDitude magazine
This is an acutal magazine that is published. This is the online version. It is all about ADD and ADHD for adults and children. All the articles deal with issues that adults and children with ADD or ADHD might have. There are some very good articles for teachers who might have students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD also which is what I found the most important.
parents magazine
This is also a actual magazine that is published. It is geared towards parents, mostly mothers. There are all kinds of articles about helping children. In particular I found one of my media articles from this magazine about LD. The articles about disabilities are pretty general and basic but also imformational. I could easily give them to parents of children I may be working with in the school system as a school psychologist.
C.A.R.D. Tallahassee
This is the website for the Center for Autistic and Related Disorders in Tallahassee which goes through Florida State University. I volunteered here when I was an undergrad. The website gives plenty of resources for parents of children who have been diagnosed with Autism. These resources can easily be used by teachers also. There are also early intervention programs that go on through this center that as a teacher, you might want to tell your students' parents about.
kids health
This website I found a while ago when I needed information on child development. There are three separate websites, one for kids, for parents, and for teens. They go into detail about genetic disorders, nutrition, medication and even have a section for Spanish speaking children/adults.
fetal alcohol syndrome
This website is the national website for fetal alcohol syndrome. It defines the syndrome and has a special tab up at the top just for educators. On the website under the educators tab there is actually a K-12 curruculum for students with FAS.
parents of children with aspergers
This website is especially for parents who have children that have been diagnosed with Aspergers. The wesite talkes about techniques that can be used to increase the social behavior of the children. There are many questions that parenst write in with and then the website answers these questions. It is a very good social connection website for parents who need support.
Florida Inclusion Network- Resources
This website can be used by teachers or really anyone who might have full inclusion classrooms or have questions regarding full inclusion.There are tons of books, articles, and other resources all about inclusion and exceptional students. There are varied books,some that students could read to help them understand special education, and other more advanced studies for teachers and adults that are research based.
Florida Inclusion Network
This is specific to Florida regarding full inclusion in the public school systems. It defines what full inclusion is for the state of Florida. It should be a must in reading for teachers who work in the state of florida.